Car Winchout

Winch Out Service / Ditch Pull Out

Oops, it just happened, your car is stuck in the ditch. Vehicles don’t just get stuck but really stuck, pushing, or pulling won’t help, it may further damage the car. It may have happened due to black ice, rain, or lack of attention on the road… it’s scary and frustrating. Tow Service USA has tow trucks with 65ft long winch cable which is capable of pulling out your vehicle from the ditch, mud, curb, or any other condition without causing further damages.


Our goal is to make an inconvenient situation a little bit easier by offering professional roadside services 24 hours a day. Call Us Now (469) 310-2980

About Tow Service USA

We help stranded motorists get back on the road 24/7. At #TowServiceUSA, we provide the safest, fastest, and most reliable roadside assistance experience – in Dallas/ Fort Worth area. We have a qualified and experienced team to help motorists in need of a tow, jump start, tire change, lockout, winch, and fuel/ gas delivery.

We offer roadside assistance service with low pricing, cashless payment, and reliable help for the motorists.