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Wheel Lift / Wrecker Towing

There are some stressful times when your motorcycle suddenly breaks down during a relishing ride. It can even be more frustrating if your brand new or intact motorcycle encounters a problem. In such situations, you need a helping hand like Tow Service USA to get your motorcycle towed to a safe palace. We know that motorcycle towing is not as simple as towing other four-wheel vehicles. It is a delicate process that needs special handling. Therefore, we train our technicians to tow motorcycles with utmost safety and care to protect their pristine and grander. 

Be it Yamaha, Honda, Ducati, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Harley-Davidson, BMW, Triumph, KTM, Aprilia, MV Agusta, Norton, Bajaj, Janus, Hyosung, Hero, Benelli, Indian, and Royal Enfield; we have towed them all. While driving these known brands, you need to remember that motorcycles are also vulnerable when breakdown and need specialized assistance for help.

In such a situation, you might search, “Best motorcycle towing company near me.” So don’t waste your precious time, call Tow Service USA. We tow everything, including four and two-wheel automobiles, anywhere, anytime, with our fleet of tow service professionals. Our technicians specialize in towing your beloved bike and ensure that it is secured during the whole transport–all at a reasonable price.

When You Need Help from a Motorcycle Towing Company?

These are some of the most common scenarios where you need help from a motorcycle towing company to tow your bike to your desired location without any damage or harm. 

Worn Clutch

A minor problem in your bike’s clutch can halt your ride. If your bike’s clutch is worn out or not working correctly, you need to change it as soon as possible. This can be because of a broken cable or a leaking master cylinder that has damaged your clutch lever.

Alternator Failures

Alternator failure is another reason that may leave you stranded on the road. When you see that the alternator is no longer supplying electrical power and your battery is losing its charge, and your headlights are getting dimmer, you try to speed up as per the legal limit to reach the destination before your bike leaves you in the absolute dark. Here you need to get the help of a tow company.

Flooded Fuel and Plugs

An old flooded engine and dirty spark plugs might leave you stranded on the road, as your bike won’t start. In such a situation, you need quick bike towing or repair services to get back on the road.


If your motorcycle has an accident, slipped off the road, or gets stuck in a ditch, there’s no choice other than towing it to a repair shop.

Dead Battery

 Whether you have left your motorcycle battery on for the entire night, you have a corroded electrical connection, a poor ground connection, or your battery has a leak circuit somewhere, no matter the reason, it can drain your bike battery. You can’t ride it with a dead battery, so you need a specialized motorcycle towing service for help.

Engine Problem

A bike engine can break down anytime because of improper maintenance. So whenever your engine causes you a problem, your last option is to get it towed.


Nails, deep potholes, and other causes can damage your tires. Worn-out tires can leave you stranded on the road. And your last resort is to get it towed. 

So contact us for a safe, reliable, and affordable tow! 

Flatbed Towing Services for Motorcycles

One of the fast, secure, and easy ways to transport or tow your motorcycle from one place to another is through flatbed towing. Flatbed tow trucks have ample space/flatbed to carry any type of motorcycle entirely off the ground. So you don’t need to worry about any debris or potholes that can possibly damage your vehicle during the tow. This method not only protects your motorcycle from any damage but here, you can tow more than one bike at a time.

Two-Wheel Motorcycle Towing Trailers

It is one of the simplest ways of towing. Most of these trailers have two wheels on an axle, a ramp, and a trailer hitch. Many trailers also have motorcycle rails to hold a bike or more than one bike in place. A large variety of motorcycles can be towed from the bigger ones to the smaller ones from these trailers. These trailers add a dolly wheel or fold-down stand to provide stability and balance when a bike is detached from a vehicle. Moreover, some trailers feature two sets of wheels with axles positioned closely near the center of the trailer.   

Motorcycle Towing Cradles 

It is a dolly system to tow a motorcycle. It allows you to hook the front of the bike to the vehicle while the back wheel is left on the ground to roll freely behind. These cradles contain a wheel cradle or chock that locks directly into the towing vehicle’s hitch tube. All you need to do is to lock the front wheel and you can use the straps to protect your bike from potholes. 

How Can Tow Service USA Help?

If you need a motorcycle tow, you need to rely on someone that guarantees your bike’s safety during the tow. Motorcycle towing is not a straightforward task. It requires special equipment, expertise, and skills to get the job done. When you are left stranded with your motorcycle with no hope of help, rely on Tow service USA for motorcycle towing service near you. 

These traits make us stand out among our competitors:

We Use the Right Equipment

Many motorcycles, as per their make and model, differ from one another. Our experts understand what type of towing best works for your bike. 

We Check the Tire Pressure

Before a tow, checking the tire pressure is necessary to prevent a tire rollover or blowout during the tow.

We Ensure Your Bike’s Safety

Most of the motorcycles can’t stand on their own. They can fall off or slip during a tow. Therefore strong straps are needed to get them secured. Our premium motorcycle towing services ensure ‌that your bike is fully secure from potholes, bumps, and any damage during the tow.

We Unlock the Bike’s Steering

Unlocking the bike’s steering is also necessary to tow the motorcycle easily. 

We Protect your Bike’s Battery and Body

We make sure your battery is secure from any electrical short. We drain off your gas tank, especially when towing in a crate and fold your mirrors properly before a tow. 

Our experts at Tow Service USA know that your motorcycle needs special security and safety during the tow. For this reason, we use state-of-the-art technology, tow trucks, and tools for a safe and premium towing experience to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations. We offer 24/7 reliable and professional motorcycle towing services.

– Motorcycle Towing FAQs – 

Q- Who to call for towing when your motorcycle breaks down?
A- You need to choose the most reliable and experienced motorcycle towing company near the location where your bike broke down. You can call Tow Service USA anytime in the day or night. We provide 24/7 reliable bike towing services at a competitive price.

Q- How much does towing a motorcycle usually cost?
A- The price depends on your location, size, make, and model of your bike, the distance of tow needed, and your towing method. We charge a reasonable fee for all our towing and roadside assistance services.

Q- Which is the best method to tow my motorcycle?
A- It depends, but as a general rule of thumb, flatbed towing is the best way to get your motorcycle towed with ultimate safety.

Q- Why Tow Service USA for motorcycle towing?
A- We have experienced towing professionals who know their job well, as we have been doing it for years. We are super-fast and have the latest technology, tools, and equipment for a safe and damage-free tow, all at an affordable price. 

About Tow Service USA

We help stranded motorists get back on the road 24/7. At #TowServiceUSA, we provide the safest, fastest and most reliable roadside assistance experience – in Dallas/ Fort Worth area. We have a qualified and experienced team to help motorists in need of a tow, jump start, tire change, lockout, winch and fuel/ gas delivery.

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