When and Why Flatbed Tow Truck Service is a Better Option? 

When and Why Flatbed Tow Truck Service is a Better Option?

Towing a vehicle has its risks. The wheels can be damaged from the dragging; the debris can leave scratches in the paint, or even worse, the transmission can fail. And when you get into an unfortunate accident, the last thing you want is additional damages during towing. Fortunately, all these risks can be avoided by using a flatbed tow truck service

Out of various towing services offered today, flatbed towing is ideal for many situations. It involves a specialized truck equipped with a ramp on its rear end that carries the entire vehicle above the ground during transportation. Due to its efficient design and the ability to withstand heavyweight, many businesses are using flatbed trucks to transport heavy equipment and machinery safely. Our experts at Tow Service USA will help you understand when and why you should use flatbed towing service in this article. 

When Flatbed Tow Truck Service is the ideal option?

  1. When towing vintage and classic vehicle 

Vintage cars are definitely a masterpiece and very precious to their owners. These vehicles should be handled with due care while being transported. Hiring a professional flatbed towing company is the best option if you own a prized vehicle. Flatbeds can protect your expensive car by lifting it above the ground and saving it from bumping into potholes.

  1. When towing low profile cars

Another situation where flatbed towing is a better option is when you need to pull low-profile cars. Since these vehicles are lower than usual, it is not easy to load them on a tow dolly or tilt deck truck. There are also increased chances of damaging the exhaust pipes, bumpers, and the body of such vehicles. In contrast, lowered cars can go on a flatbed safely.

  1. For long-distance towing

A flatbed tow truck service is recommended when planning to tow your car across a long distance. As mentioned earlier, flatbed trucks can carry vehicles off the ground and keep them damage-free. However, using a traditional two-wheel tow for long distances will drag the tires on the road across the long-distance, and this will cause serious wear and tear. 

  1. When hauling a 4-wheel drive vehicle 

4-wheel drive vehicles should only be carried on a flatbed, where all its four wheels are placed on the deck. When a towing dolly transports a 4-wheel drive vehicle, only the front wheels are lifted while the rear wheels are dragged on the road. This can severely damage the transmission. Thus, a flatbed is a safer option. 

  1. When transporting heavy vehicles or machinery

Flatbed tow trucks are famous for hauling heavy cars and machinery from one place to another. Besides the rear flatbed, these trucks are equipped with powerful tools. The hydraulic system lowers the flatbed to the ground so that heavy vehicles can quickly drive onto it. Finally, the machinery or vehicle is towed with safety and protection from any wear and tear. 

  1. When you get into an accident

Sometimes unfortunate accidents can cause the vehicles to become misshapen. It is possible that the car does not maintain its shape, or the wheels are misaligned. Dragging such vehicles with a dolly tow or hooking them up can further complicate things. Luckily, flatbed tow trucks can carry mishappened vehicles. 

Why should you choose flatbed towing?

  1. It is safer

The first and most important benefit of flatbed towing is safety. Unlike any other tow truck hoisting only the front wheels of your vehicle, a flatbed keeps all the tires off the road and protects them from uneven wear. Moreover, it lessens the chances of scratching, bumping or crashing into sidewalks. Not only that, but flatbed tow trucks also keep you and other drivers on the road safe by ensuring fewer risks of accidents. 

  1. It offers versatility

Flatbed tow truck service stands out in its versatility. Conventional tow trucks are limited to certain types of vehicles they can carry. But with flatbed trucks, you can transport virtually any kind of vehicle or equipment as long as it fits on the deck. Whether you want to tow a boat, SUV, exotic car, or even a motorcycle, the flatbed is the way to go. 

  1. It is convenient to use

When it comes to convenience, flatbed tow trucks are an excellent choice. Compared to other towing methods, flatbed towing only requires placing and securing the vehicle on the ramp, which is easy. On the other hand, you need to take additional steps to hire a tow dolly or a hook-and-chain tow. For example, to avoid transmission damage, you will need to remove your vehicle’s driveshaft, which can be complicated. 

  1. It helps save on time

Removing your vehicle’s driveshaft before towing with a tow dolly is time-consuming. However, this service is relatively time-efficient since no adjustments are required before towing with a flatbed. The vehicle is quickly loaded on the hydraulic ramp and secured in place. Once it reaches the destination, you can simply untie the straps and drive the car off the ramp. This easy loading and unloading allow you to save on time. 

  1. It avoids added delivery mileage

Car manufacturers and dealers widely use flatbed towing to transport new vehicles to buyers. This allows them to avoid unwanted delivery mileage by carrying the entire vehicle off the ground. Moreover, it is a viable option considering the new car’s safety. 

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