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Anxious to choose the best tow truck for your help? Here’s when you should select a reliable towing service

When it comes to towing, you want to ensure the safety of your vehicle. For that reason, one important factor to consider is the type of tow truck that should be used to tow your vehicle. 

Every towing company has a fleet of tow trucks that are designed differently for specific vehicles and situations. While every tow truck will help you tow a broken car to safety, there are multiple situations in which a flatbed towing truck would be preferable over other trucks. However, a question pops out that how do you know when to choose a flatbed towing truck over others? Here’s some vital information from our trusted towing companies about various scenarios and circumstances in which hiring a flatbed tow truck is a more worthy option than others.

When you have low cars and vehicles:

A lot of people love to drive low-profile vehicles as it is becoming a typical fashion worldwide. But when hiring a tow truck to transport your classic lows or low-profile cars from one place to another, flatbed towing is the best choice. This is because a wheel lift truck or dolly can damage the body and suspensions of such vehicles. It’s not easy and risks lifting a low-profile vehicle on the tilted deck or any other type of towing truck. Therefore, it is wise to choose flatbed towing to keep the undercarriage of your car intact.

When you own a heavy-duty vehicle:

Standard and compact cars tend to be small enough to be hauled with the towing dolly support. However, you may never hire them for towing heavyweight vehicles.

Hauling heavy-weighted vehicles with towing dollies is a common mistake by unprofessional tow services that damage their tow truck and the clients’ cars.

So, if you own a standard car that exceeds the standard towing capacity of 2900 lbs., it is best to hire flatbed towing to help you out. The flat deck of the tow truck will comfortably accommodate SUVs, vans, big trucks, and other heavy vehicles. Furthermore, flatbeds will protect your heavy-vehicle tires from wear and tear that is otherwise caused by dragging.

When towing a four-wheel-drive vehicle:

Requesting for a flatbed tow truck can benefit you when you need to tow a four-wheel-drive vehicle. Since these cars run on all four wheels, pulling them with wheel lift towing could be dangerous. If an unprofessional towing company tows a four-wheel drive with a wheel-lift towing truck, it would only lift the front wheels, while rare wheels would be left to be dragged on the road. Doing so would severely damage the transmission of the vehicle.

Vehicles with rear-wheel or front-wheel drive can be easily towed with the dolly. In comparison, a flatbed tow truck keeps the all-wheel-drive secure when all the tires are off the ground, onto the deck. This helps you in protecting the transmission of your four-wheel from getting damaged.

When towing your classic and vintage vehicle:

Owners of classic and vintage cars input a lot of time, effort, and money to build these beauties. They are precious to their collectors, and no price tags can do justice to these exotic cars. It will be a nightmare for the owner if his prestigious vehicle gets damaged in between the towing process. Yet again, to transport these masterpiece vehicles, flatbed towing is the way to go, so you don’t have to worry about the wearing of the tires or transmission damages. Also, make sure to hire highly professional towing companies with an efficient and effective workforce to handle the car safely.

When you have been in an accident:

Accidents are inevitable. Poor road conditions, extreme weather, or mechanical issues can lead to horrible car crashes. Regardless, the only option to get your vehicle to a mechanic or repair shop is to call a towing company.

Mostly after accidents, vehicles suffer significant damages and are not in a condition to be hauled back with the dolly tow truck. In such situations, using a titled deck can create complications for your car, while the flatbed tow truck provides safety to the already damaged vehicle.

When you have to tow a vehicle over five miles:

Dollies can conveniently transport your vehicle to nearby areas, but it can create problems if you need to tow a car for more than a couple of miles. Your vehicle could get damaged due to uneven roads and obstacles. However, a flatbed tow truck could put you to ease and relaxation that your car is high above the ground with little chance of damage.

When you are short of time:

Time is precious, especially when you are stuck in circumstances where you need to transport your vehicle with the help of a tow. Towing your car with a dolly tow truck consumes more time as it has to drag the car behind it. Furthermore, the dolly tow truck driver must drive slowly and carefully to avoid your vehicle swinging at the back. In contrast, a flatbed tow truck doesn’t drag the car behind. It carries your vehicle on a flat deck, which allows it to move faster to its destination.


It can be challenging to decide whether to hire a flatbed tow truck, wheel lift, dolly, or any other. But when in any of the situations mentioned above, go for a flatbed tow. As said above, choosing flatbed towing will ensure the safety of your vehicle and hence be a great option to transport your classic, luxury, or heavy-duty car. It is a bit expensive from a dolly tow truck, but paying additional charges is far better than bearing further damages to your vehicle.  

We at Tow Service USA offer flatbed towing, motorcycle towing, jump start, tire change, gas delivery, winch-out services, etc. Our highly skilled workforce tries to reach its customers as soon as possible to help them get out of the jam quickly. Call us now to get cheap and reliable roadside services.

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