Here Are Top 5 Reasons You can Call a Tow Truck For

Here Are Top 5 Reasons You can Call a Tow Truck For

Vehicles and mechanical issues go side by side, and the combination is a nightmare for every driver. From extreme weather to poor road conditions, all kinds of road uncertainties can leave you stranded on the road with a broken car.

But who do you call for help in such a situation? The Police, roadside assistance, or a towing service? Most people think they can only call a towing service in case of an accident; however, that’s not the case. There are many instances when a tow company might be able to help you save up on effort and money. In short, towing companies go way beyond just hauling a vehicle.

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So, if you are unsure about what service to call, here are the top 5 reasons you can call a tow truck for.

Top 5 Reasons to call a tow truck

  1. Accident/Fender bender

Every year thousands of cars crash on the road due to a variety of reasons, and the safest option in such a situation is to hire a tow.

Most times, the accidents are horrible, and vehicles are usually totaled and immovable in the middle of the road. That is when a tow truck will help you get you and your car out of harm’s way. Still other times, you will find yourself in a fender bender with no physical damage to the vehicle. However, even though your car seems to be drivable, there may be an underlying mechanical breakdown. For this reason, again, you can call our tow truck and get your vehicle pulled to a repair shop for examination.

  • Run out of gas

As embarrassing as it is, running out of gas is another common reason why our tow trucks are called. Whether you were too lazy to check up on your gas tank or got fooled by a broken fuel gauge, the truth is you are stranded on the road and need immediate help. The situation can be dangerous, especially if you are on a highway or in an unknown neighborhood. Fortunately, some towing companies offer gas delivery services, so you don’t have to abandon your car and hike around in search of a gas station.

  • Engine overheats or troubles

Car engines are prone to overheating and other complications that are generally unforeseen. While the issue is common among older vehicles with worn-out radiators, new cars can also heat up simply because you forgot to top up the coolant.

Consequently, many drivers tend to pour some water on the heated radiator and just let the car cool down before getting back on the road. However, this practice can be harmful in the long run. Instead, call a trusted towing service and take your vehicle to a professional mechanic.

  • Blowout/Flat tire

The loud bang of a tire blowout can ruin anyone’s day. Vehicle tires tend to give out when you least expect it. This is because drivers do not pay enough attention to the wear and tear and end up having a flat. When that happens, most people will try to change the flat tire on the side of the road. This is not good practice and has its risks. The best solution is to look for a reputable roadside assistance company that offers tire change service on-site that will charge less than a tow. Otherwise, you always have the option to hire a tow to the nearest repair shop.

  • Stuck in mud, dirt, or snow

Rain and bad weather can turn fields and temporary car parks into swamps, and nothing is more annoying than getting your vehicle stuck in the mud. Likewise, accelerating your truck only to dig deeper into a snow heap is quite an unpleasant experience. And no matter the size and type of your car, pulling it out of mud, dirt, or snow is not an easy task and can even damage your vehicle. That is when a winch-out tow truck will be your savior. Besides towing, professional tow companies help pull out heavy cars stuck in the deep ground using a winch.

  • Dead battery

This is an important and common reason you can call a tow truck for. When your batteries die in the middle of nowhere, you only have the option to jump-start your car. And if you are a new driver with no experience of jumping a vehicle, the process can be dangerous and troublesome. Or, in the worst-case scenario, if you are stuck mid-way with rain pouring down, there are risks of sparks from the jump cables. Considering the dangers, it is always recommended to hire a towing service provider to assist you in the process of bringing your car back to life.

  • Illegal parking

One of the more rare but valuable reasons to call a tow truck is to get an abandoned vehicle removed from private property. Gone are the days when you had to sit and wait for the driver to come back and remove their car from your front door. Now, with a single call to a towing company, you will be free to get out of your home quickly. Likewise, you can also hire a tow truck to remove any car from the public property as long as it is impeding traffic.

  • Lockout situation

Locked yourself out of the car? Don’t be ashamed; you are not alone. Odds are every driver faces this situation once in their life. And that is why towing companies made sure to help out their customers by offering lockout services.

When you hire a towing company and request a lockout service, the tow truck will arrive with professional tools and skilled locksmiths to unlock your car door within no time.

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